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Foreclosure law has been changing rapidly
over the past few years since the onset of
the financial crisis.  It's fundamental to
obtain legal representation from someone
who's familiar with this complex and constantly
changing area of the law.  Government programs
and laws related to loan modifications are continuously created and changing to help home
owners save their homes; however, many individuals,including attorneys, fail to take advantage of these
possibilities and let the opportunity to save their home slip through their fingers.  
Francisco Cieza, Esq., has helped hundreds of consumers with their mortgage related issues in efforts to save their homes.  Call today and allow me to explain what defenses may pertain to your case and the numerous options that are currently available to you in order to assist you to save your home.


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Foreclosure Defense

- Mortgage Foreclosures

- Association Foreclosures

- Quiet Title Actions

- Slander of Title

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