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Francisco Cieza, Esq. has successfully represented South Florida clients throughout Miami-Dade, Broward, West Palm and Monroe Counties. We provide a broad array of legal services covering all aspects of civil litigation, family law, personal injury, contractual disputes, and bankruptcy.
Family Law

Family related disputes and legal issues entail a very specific type of legal representation due to the personal nature of the subject matter at hand.  Please call our offices to schedule a consultation related to divorce, child custody and support, alimony, paternity, and/or marital settlement agreement issues. 


Civil Litigation

We handle a wide array of both personal and business related civil disputes.  Our services ranges from insurance related claims, slip and fall cases, motor vehicle accidents, negligence, personal injury, breach of contract, unfair and deceptive business practice litigation, and most any other case related to a civil dispute.  If you or your business have been wronged, or if you have been sued and need aggressive representation, please contact our office in order to schedule a consultation and decide what approach is best for you.

Insurance Claims

We can assist you with numerous insurance related issues.  If your insurance claim has been denied or undervalued, we can help you get paid.  Because insurance companies have to pay our fees, you pay us nothing.


Foreclosure and Mortgage Servicing laws have been dynamic and constantly evolving over the past few years.  New State and Federal Laws are available to you as a homeowner, which you may not be aware of.  Furthermore, many mortgage or association loans were obtained under unfair and deceptive means.  


Let our firm help you save your home and fight off the banks.  There are numerous options available to homeowners today and it is our our job to protect your rights.



Bankruptcy law has evolved greatly over the past few years in light of the recent economic recession.  Bankruptcy is a complicated area of law and our professionals can help advise you as to your rights and guide your estate in order to protect your property and assets.  


We handle all aspects of consumer representation under Chapters 7 and 13 of the bankruptcy code.  For those facing foreclosure, new bankruptcy programs may even help you save your home by way of the recently implemented Mortgage Modification Mediation program.

Consumer  Protection


Our firm sues debt collectors.  If you are being harassed or sued by debt collection agencies, student loans, or credit card issuers contact our offices so we can provide the necessary relief to calm your financial situation and possibly retaliate against abusive debt collectors.



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